Assertive Communication


Course Objective

• To give the ‘Learners’ every opportunity to gain an understanding of why Assertive Communication is important in their work environment as well as in everyday life.

• Help improve their listening skills, their ability to ask appropriate questions, to manage emotions in self and others, but also to be able to give and receive feedback and to fittingly disclose essential information, and in so doing create mutual respect and trust.


• Assertive Communication is the ground state on which participative management can be built.


• The ‘Learners’ should only attend if they are committed to their own learning and development, in other words they are accountable to understand the information given and to translate this into becoming skilled in assertive communication.

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Course Outline:
• The Principle of Assertive Communication
• Module 1: Active Listening & Speaking Up
• Module 2: Managing Emotions & Managing Self Esteem
• Module 3: Feedback & Disclosure