Assertive Negotiations

& Persuasions



• Understanding the fundamental principles of assertive negotiation and persuasion, starts with a recognition of what is needed in the situation, closely followed by what is wanted by the individual / group. (Needs are factual, wants are emotional)

• Every active person is involved in negotiating and persuading several times a day and by gaining a clear understanding of the underlying principles in negotiation and persuasion, this provides a solid foundation on which to become a skilled negotiator and persuader.

• To be really proficient this will take time and it is done in daily life. Coaching in this area is available for those wanting to take the negotiation and persuasion to a higher level.

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Course Outline:
• The Basic Principles: Why Negotiations & Persuasions Need To Be Assertive?
• Module 1: Assertive Negotiations
• Module 2: Assertive Persuasions
• Module 3: Assertive Non Verbal Communications
• Module 4: Asking, Listening, Understanding: A Powerful Simple Process