Assertive Presentations



One to One (Elevator Pitch):

• Assertive Presentation “one to one” is aimed at developing a person to be able to condense their presentation to another person in less than one minute, by giving the most important points that might be of interest to the person being spoken to.

• It is a powerful lobby for attention only. It should create the idea in the receiver: “I want to hear more”


One to Many (10 slides):


• The three things that make this unique is:

A. Capturing the imagination of the audience.

B. Creating images that will stick in the minds of the listeners.

C. Have such an impact that these images remain in their awareness for some time.


• The course also covers the standard presentation techniques of explaining what you will cover, cover these points in the presentation, then finally tell them what you have covered. Also the other points, which because they are not unique there is no need to mention them.

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Course Outline:
• Assertive Presentation:
The Elevator Pitch (One to One)
• Assertive Presentation:
10 Slides (One to Many)