Chapter One: “So What Has Changed In The Past Three Decades?”

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The ideas: What is the driving forces behind the changes. (Cause and effect)

Chapter One at a “Glance”? [One Minute Byte]
  1. Nature addressing the imbalance.

  2. The imbalances existing on the planet.

  3. Governments in a “Neck Lock”.

  4. The “Information Era” transitioning to the “Innovation Era”.

  5. Staying Alive!


The Main Points: What are the contributing factors. (Defining the problem)

Understanding the Key Points in the Situation? [Ten Minute Bytes]

It doesn’t take much to understand what is happening on the earth today.

Nature addressing the imbalances.

  • Flooding, heat waves, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes.

  • Human conflict, migration, and supply & demand.

  • Pandemics, immunity and the way in which these are handled.

The imbalances existing on the planet.

  • The Human Population and the supply of food and water.

  • Air pollution, water pollution, ground pollution and mind pollution.

  • Humans existing day to day and those who are blinded by ignorance.

Governments in a “Neck Lock”.

  • The need for money and the need to control the destruction.

  • The inability to think local and to be able to work globally.

  • Companies, profit and non-profit, cities etc have to solve the problems.

The “Information Era” transitioning to the “Innovative Era”.

  • The ever-accelerating rate of change in just about everything.

  • The need to be creative to address new problems.

  • Raising the level of human awareness.

Staying Alive!

  • One country on its own cannot solve all the global issues.

  • Governments are paralysed, so it’s up to organisations to take action.

  • It’s up to organisations to collaborate and co-operate globally?


Then: How can the situation be better managed: (Leave it alone and it will revive)

Moving to a shared understanding of the situation? [Twenty Minute Bytes]

If you don’t know, what you don’t know, then you might be ignorant of what you should know. So every human being will be ignorant of some aspects of life, so the solution is to be open and listen so we can be better informed. Through collaboration, we can become better informed. Misinformation also exists.

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