Chapter One: "So What Has Changed In The Past Three Decades?”... part 2.

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

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Nature addressing the imbalance.

Flooding, heat waves, fires, tornadoes and hurricanes:

When there is an imbalance in nature, there is a natural counter move to address the imbalance and bring back the imbalance into balance. For example, if humans kill large numbers of the top predators, this causes an increase in the numbers at the next level down in the food chain, thus making it easier for the number of top predators to recover. But if human intervention continues to decimate the top predators, then the imbalance continues to worsen. The cause of the floods, fires etc lies with the excessive carbon emissions and destruction of the oceans, forests etc. So why after all these years of Global Conferences have Governments not been able to address this issue. “Governments in a Neck Lock”

Human conflict, migration, and supply & demand.

This is all connected to the imbalance in the natural world, and where you have large percentages of people unemployed and few options available to them to either create their own employment or find work, there will be migration to possible better life. The dangerous journey across the Sahara Desert and across the Mediterranean Sea to get into Europe is a good example of this. Blocking entry into Europe is not a solution, because the cause of the problem is many miles away. No work, no money, no food.

Pandemics, immunity and the way in which these are handled.

Pandemics have been around for thousands of years. The solution lies in human beings becoming immune to the virus. This can be achieved by contracting the disease and recovering from it, or being vaccinated, or both. The cause of the problems with Pandemic is when a virus lives within a wild creature where it has little or no effect on the animal and then somehow the virus crosses over to humans and rapidly spreads. Humans then have to build up a natural immunity to this new threat. Examples in the past have been with smallpox, chickenpox etc.

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