Micro Organic Farming

A Handbook to "Produce Your Own Organic Food" by Robert Bluett

(Beginning to Create Food Self Sufficiency)

Why We Created This Book

This book is aimed at creating more food self-sufficiency for both urban and rural people in terms some of their daily food needs. If each family could provide 10 to 15% of their daily nutrition requirements by recycling the food waste to create nutriment rich compost in which they grow their own vegetables, herbs and spices this will contribute towards greater independence of people living in cities and in the rural areas.

In addition to this, they will ensure there are fewer CO2 emissions are emitted due to a reduction in the transport needed to produce and deliver these to the individual, because they have created and alternative source in their own garden.

To sum it up: Less CO2 emissions, Organic, nutriment rich food, and less organic waste which if dumped in “land fills” creates more methane. This is a plus for the environment.

This book is dedicated to the late Mr. Robert Mazibuko (The Tree man of Africa) and one of his students Mrs. Patricia (Patsy) Townsend whom my wife and I sponsored to work in the Theewaterskloof area spreading the wonderful work of Mr. Robert Mazibuko. We are greatly indebted to both these people for all we learned about Food Gardening.



This book comes at a time when there are many grave questions around regarding pollution of the earth and the impact this is going to have on the food that future generations will be forced to eat. These are but a few of the many serious issues regarding the future of our earth and our role as responsible citizens of the earth – we are the guardians of this very precious planet. The ideas in this book could help us think through some of the questions and issues with greater wisdom.

The book aims to provide a practical guide and reference for people who want to grow vegetables in whatever setting, live healthier lives and become fitter.

The book outlines the benefits of food gardening and a step-by-step instruction for digging and planting a “door-bed” and “Rooftop Organic Gardening” (ROG); information on caring for the vegetables and using non-poisonous pest controls; general hints on establishing a garden, the importance of conserving and using existing vegetation, and how to make compost as well as planting trees.

This book offers ways to re-cycle organic material by turning it into nutriment rich soil, in which you can then grow your own vegetables, herbs and spices. In addition, if you have a surplus you can then barter, trade or donate this excess through a network, which this book will makes suggestions on how best to set this up.

Gardening is such a vast subject that this book can only serve as an introduction. Where necessary further knowledge may be gained from the greatest teacher of them all – experience.

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