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This is not an exhaustive investigation into all the issues facing the modern world today. It is a quick look at the complexity of the intricacies that we as humans are facing and where some possible solutions lie. This will require a change of direction. To put more effort into the present situation will be like going faster down the wrong road.

“The analogy is like looking at the image created in a tapestry, and we go beyond the picture by investigating the back of the tapestry and how it is constructed and the interrelated parts and how they affect one another”

This book allows you to get the key bits of information in a short period of time, it is a sequence of ideas that are critical to the future development of the people aspect in business. These are put forward on the basic understanding that everything can be improved upon, and will be so far into the future as we move into the Innovative Era.

As the global issues change, so do the markets, and therefore the need within the organisations to address the issues in the market. This must lead to continuous development because the market is dynamic and ever-changing.

These writings are in hard and soft copy and refer to a website where there is an ongoing discussion over the application and validity of these ideas.

The Concepts” (Chapters?) are not necessarily in sequential order, you can start anywhere in the book.

This is how each section is structured:

  • The ideas: What are the driving forces behind the changes. ( 1 minute to read this)

  • The main points: What are the contributing factors. (10 minutes to read)

  • Then: How can the situation be better managed. (Maximum 20 minutes to get this)

The above three points give an introduction to the ideas, and if this is of interest, then you can read further or go to the website for more information.


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