Smart Negotiator

Updated: Aug 1

In life as in business, you don't get what you deserve - you get what you negotiate. While negotiating can be difficult, it is a process that can be learned and utilised to create a huge difference in your career, your income, and your life. Learn these essential skills and they can really make a difference.

About this course:

With this course, we introduce the step-by-step development that will help you and your organisation to understand the fundamental principles, transfer to real life situation and gain experience and develop skill in being assertive.

What you will learn:

  • Listening Skills: Are you a good listener? How do you manage yourself during the negotiation

  • Questioning Skills: Types of questions that will gain you advantage in negotiation

  • Body Language Skills: Dos and Don’tsfromanage your body during negotiation

Length: 2 days

Effort: 8 hours per day

Price: 3,000 THB

Language: Thai

Learning Method: Live Session, Personal Coaching Session

Meet your facilitator:

Manorot Kusolasakd

Vice Chairman & Head Coach at People Plus Co., Ltd.


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