Strategies & Tactics in Negotiation.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

by Robert Bluett, Founder & Chairman of People Plus

Empathy is the “Emotional Currency”: “I understand your situation.”

“Emotional Anchoring”: “You’re probably think we are not concerned about . . . ”

Trying to get others to say “Yes” is an addiction. Instinct tells people “This is a trap.”

Get people to say “That’s right.” To get this? Repeat exactly what they have said. Magic.

What “Control Freaks” want: Control; Being respected; Getting what they want.

Yes is nothing without “How”. Watch out for “Passive / Aggressive” on implementation.

One of the ways to say No, is to ask: “How can I do that?”

Never underestimate people’s need to correct your statement. “So you want . .” “No we want . . ”

State the obvious; e.g. “You probably think I’m wanting something for free.” “Yes, you do”

Start with a negative: “You’ll think I’m greedy, but what is the chance you could give us . .?” Power.

When you hear “I want a win / win situation”. They want to rip you off – keep in context with other points.

Things not going right, say: “This is not working for me.” Close with a positive suggestion. “So I suggest . . ”

By smiling, you appear to be confident; the other person(s) are more likely to co-operate.

When you need to emphasize, slow your speech & lower the tone of your voice: “It . . . seems . . (Smile)

Mirror: Repeat last 1 to 3 words. This gives you time to think; Shows paying attention; Improves atmosphere.

The “F” word (Fair) When used, it is often a bad sign. If it is ‘over used’ it is a warning: Not Fair.

Explain the “Landscape”. How this situation fits the big picture. Understand the challenges

Don’t use “trust” – when used it predictably shows the opposite – make it understandable.

Give the bad news first; then what you are going to do about it. “How are you?” for last.

Start the negative: “You feel we don’t know the industry.” Then pitch positive. “We’re HC”

Fear Driven people. Hyper Competitive People. Know the difference. Appeal to their drive.

Never be mean to anyone who can hurt you by doing nothing. (Be generous; work hard; be honest)

Never say yes; rather say You win, let’s do it They are more likely to give it their best shot.

There are three kinds of YES’s: Commitment. Confirmation. Counterfeit.

In Closing: “There seems nothing I can say”. Then say: “It seems you are powerless.” End on a positive note.

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