The Power of Middle Management

The People Plus Workshop

Middle Management Development is a unique blend of the key needs of effective management and the practical application of this information. Each Module has a learning component, which allows understanding to be turned into experience. It is important that each participant completes the development with not only a good understanding of what has to be done, but sufficient experience to continue to develop as a competent manager.

First the focus of each Module:

1. Planning: Is about research and analysis of the present situation.

To plan effectively you have to start off with a clear understanding of the present situation. Once there is a shared understanding of the situation as it appears, can there be discussion as to how best to deal with the future situation. Planning deals with why, how and what has to be done.

2. Organising: Is about who will be doing what and completing by when.

Once there is a shared understanding on why action needs to take place, how best to carry it out and what has to be achieved (Targets / Goals) only then can there be mutual agreement on who would be best to do in charge of each task and when it will be completed.

3. Leading: Accountability / responsibility at all levels through two way communication.

Once the plan is in place information is shared at various milestones to ensure the achievement of the deadline. Leading is about each person committing to what they have agreed to do. This does involve what team members are good at and working more to their strengths.

4. Controlling: There are controls – the things people have agreed to complete / achieve, and there is control – the process of making sure people get the support they need to achieve what they have agreed to. Controlling is about Collaboration and Co-operation.

5. Advancing: Is about individual development in line with team achievement. It is more than training, because it is driven by the individuals themselves. The effectiveness of development is measured by the individual achievement and their contribution to the team outputs / targets.

Each Module has one or more 45 minute sessions each followed by practical tasks to be completed in line with the learning in the session and development towards the next module.

At the end of the five modules there will be four one hour coaching sessions to ensure completion of the transfer of learning and sufficient experience to competence as a manager.

The P.O.L.C.A. process is unique as it gives adequate attention to help develop beyond understanding to sufficient experience to ensure on-going competence.

The Structure of the development Process:

Each module will have at least one session followed by practical application of what has been learned in a task or project of the participants choice. It is encouraged that each person prepares before the course by identifying a task or project before enrolling on programme. The task or project will need to be sufficiently complex to be able to be applicable for each of the five modules. This will be decided in the pre-work.


Two Sessions:

  • Identifying and accepting the project or task. Research present situation

  • Why, how and what has to be done.


One Session:

  • Who and when it has to be done. (The Action Plan: Milestones & Deadline)


One Session:

  • Accountabilities & Responsibilities and the best means of communication.


One Session:

  • Controls and Control. Collaboration and Co-operation.


Two Sessions:

  • Personal Development

  • Team Development

Follow up with Team Coaching Sessions.

Seven 45 minute sessions a week apart. e.g. Every Monday from 09:00 to 09:45 am.

Maximum number of participants 8 people.

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