Updated: Jan 3, 2021

What is the real “value added” from People Management.

“The Reason Why We Wrote This Book”:

Businesses hold the key to the future of our planet because they have the power to produce products sustainably by using green energy, responsibly sourcing materials, and following best practice production methods to reduce waste and to improve quality.

The market is a constantly changing environment, and therefore businesses need to keep abreast of these changes in order to remain competitive.

If you are not moving at the speed of the change in the market, you are being left behind.

It is the human beings’ ability to adapt to change that helps companies remain viable in the market place.

People Management has noticeably developed over the past hundred years. Broadly speaking this development occurred with the advent of Frederick Taylor’s Scientific Management at the start of the 20th Century, and the subsequent division of labour.

After the Second World War People Management moved from the accounts department which dealt with salaries, wages, time keeping, attendance and contracts – mostly involving numbers, which were easy to manage, the controlling systems were top down processes to manage people in times of great need. The driving force for the change from the Accounts Department dealing with employees to the Personnel Department dealing with employees was the need for a more humane approach to deal with human beings.

The move from Personnel Management to Human Resource Management was driven by the need for specializations in the areas of decision making in recruiting people into organizations, training staff and managers, and allocating task appropriate salaries and wages for the different jobs within a company – internal efficiencies.

The more recent development in Human Resource Management has been driven by an exponential development in the rate of change in the market coupled with open access to information and the development of social media platforms – a complex situation. These developments have dramatically affected the way companies need to manage the people within their organizations. Employees are no longer viewed as a “resource” that has to be managed in the same way as you manage an expense, i.e. by minimizing the cost. Employees are now viewed as an “asset” which adds value to a business by optimizing the contributions they make to ensure the continued success of a company. What exactly the new system will be called is still not clear. Human Capital Management, Human Asset Management and HR Maturity are some of the terms which have been used to describe the new view of employees as being an “asset”.

This book is about the “reasons” the processes drive the essential agility needed within companies to enable them to remain either ahead of the developments within the market, or at least abreast of the changes within the market in order to remain sustainably competitive and profitable.

Soon to release: The People Plus Book " The Reason: What is the Real Value Added from People Management?" by Robert Bluett in 2021.

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