The Seven Questions

How P.D.C.A. Solve One of the Problems of “Non-Performance”.

The People Plus Workshop

The Seven Questions

1. Do they have the correct tools / resources to do the job? [Equipment / resources]

2. How enthusiastic are they to get the job done? [Motivation / engagement]

3. Do they get sufficient support from their peers? [Peer / Colleague support]

4. Has the person clearly understood the assignment? [Effective communication]

5. Is there anything personal that is hindering their performance? [Personal problems]

6. How many times has the issue of poor performance been discussed? [A Need to correct

performance and or behaviour]

Please Note

Points 1 to 6 are not Training Needs. If the cause of the lack of performance is any one of

these, no amount of training will improve their performance and / or behaviour.

Only if it is either 7.1. or 7.2, will the appropriate development improve performance /


7.1. Do they understand how to do the task?

[A need to improve knowledge and / or understanding of the task]

7.2. Can they perform the task at an appropriate level?

[They understand what has to be done, but do not know how well to do it – i.e. Skill.

Need to experience doing the task to improve skill]

This also depends on the quality of the training, transfer of learning and follow up.

(To “Close the Gap” and therefore get the Return on Learning Invested).

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