The Unique Value Added Approach

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

By Robert Bluett, Founder & Chairman of People Plus

For the past twenty years “People Plus” has provided a unique “Value Added” approach to our clients’ problems, giving them access to crucial information and guidance to aid decision making regarding the people aspects of businesses.

In the past HR played a controlling role through management of Policies & Procedures, Budgets, Recruitment, Salaries, Time Keeping and Attendance, which gave Human Resources Personnel positional power, but limited their contributions, leading to a perception of them filling no more than a supportive role within a company.

The digital era brought with it an accelerated development of information, which moved HR into a strategic position within the C Suite.

With its inclusion in key involvement in digital management, HR became involved in the corporate Planning Phases of Business Plans, thereby playing a Strategic Role within Companies. H.R.’s contribution to the Business Plan came to the fore with the alignment of the “Manpower Plan” and the “Master Training Plan”, thus confirming HR's strategic role within the C Suite. As a result of this Human Resources is now accepted as a strategic partner in most companies and plays an essential role in the vital contribution of “People Management”. In People Plus this is core to our business services.


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What could a symphonic C-suite look like?

Not every problem, of course, requires every C-suite officer to get involved. The experience of companies such as General Electric suggests the importance of the “G3” team of the CEO, CHRO, and CFO.

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