Tanya Vannapreugs, Co-Director Theptarin Hospital

The ‘Smile Program’ is a formal way of introducing the usage of positive feedback as a service behaviour management tool. Many times we feel we understand the concept of being positive, but in action the negative comes more naturally, especially in the Thai culture. The People Plus team provided us with a format of how we can manage service oriented behaviour by changing our mindset and our actions from a negative to a positive one.


Andreas Holmer, CEO 


Core Values are defined and soon forgotten. That the unfortunate destiny that most core values face. Some get pinned to the office wall, while others are relegated to the employee handbook. Precious few actually make a difference. And that’s where Key Behaviours come in.   Introduced to me by Robert Bluett of People Plus. K.B’s are What your Core Values look like in real life; their physical manifestation. They’re what you hire, fire and promote for. Take fulfillment over mastery as example. At MAQE, you see it in action when a QA cross-trained as a PM, or when an engineer adds coaching to their development plan. We do value depth of knowledge. But we also want to encourage everyone to broaden, experiment, and try new things.

Andy Minckler, Managing Director


In the three months that the people from People Plus have been
working with us in InsurExcellence we have been able to put in place
structures that clearly define outputs for teams and individuals and we
are able to now begin to manage because we are measuring the
desired outputs of performance.